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Lucky Savers Certificate

Chance to Win Cash Prizes up to $5,000

Our Lucky Savers account is a 12-month certificate that helps you build your savings while giving you a chance to win monthly and/or quarterly cash prizes!

Every time you deposit $25 in a Lucky Savers certificate, you get another chance to win – up to 10 entries per month. Plus, all the money deposited into the Lucky Savers account is yours and helps to build your savings. It’s a win-win situation!

You can even set up direct deposit or scheduled transfers to increase your chances to win

To open a Lucky Savers Certificate today you can :

What are the requirements to open a Lucky Savers account?

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be a CRFCU member with accounts in good standing.
  • Business and Trust accounts are not eligible for this account.

What are the prizes?

  • Each $25 deposit gives you a chance to win a quarterly prize of up to $5,000
  • Each $25 deposit gives you a chance to win a monthly prize of up to $500

So, how do I open an account?

It’s easy! Just visit one of our convenient branch locations, call us at 518.783.2211 or email us and ask for a 12 month Lucky Savers Share Certificate and make an opening deposit of $25.  Your initial deposit is your first step to saving and is your first entry into the monthly and quarterly prize drawings.  What’s the dividend rate?  View current deposit rates here.

Why should I open a Lucky Savers account?

Because you seriously have nothing to lose – and everything to win! Not everyone will win a prize but with regular deposits into your Lucky Savers account all year, you are guaranteed to end up with more money saved than when you started.

Here are some of our winners!

  • Congratulations Phyllis for winning $50 in July 2021.
  • Congratulations Kazper for winning $25 in August of 2021.
  • Congratulations Anilah on winning $25 in February of 2021.
  • Congratulations to Carol on winning $25 in September of 2021.

May 2019 Elaine E. won the $5,000 quarterly prize!

Open a Lucky Savers Certificate Today!

*Minimum to open and obtain Annual Percentage Yield for Lucky Savers Share Certificates is $25; max. deposit of $10,000.00. Please refer to your Terms and Disclosures for more detailed information. For official account and prize entry rules, click here for Community Resource FCU October 2021-22 Lucky Saver Official Rules