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Financial Wellness Program

Finally Something Better!

Our Financial Wellness program offers a full lineup of financial products and services for you, your employees and their families. Our program is a strategic solution for employers worried about the well-being and productivity of their employees.

Any bank can offer financial products and services, but few can match the value and commitment we can bring to our partner organizations and their employees.

A Community Resource membership is more than just another benefit, it’s something better. And, it’s all at no cost to your organization!

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Your Employees Want Financial Advice

Our Financial Wellness program is designed so your employee can learn to take steps toward financial success. Our program is free for both employers and employees and can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

  • We’ll start by understanding what financial concerns your employees may have.
  • We will tailor a series of virtual or on-site events to address your employee’s financial questions.
  • We are available to attend your corporate wellness events.
  • We’ll provide tools for your employees to access for further educational information.
  • We’ll provide additional marketing resources to encourage your employees to take advantage of this free offering.

Financial Education For Today’s Financial Needs

Each employee has unique personal needs and goals. Our program will provide them with financial education materials that they can access through our website on their own time. And no problem, if they aren’t a member. Our tools are free for the community.

Friendly, Personalized Guidance

Engaging in healthy financial habits is an ongoing commitment. For your employees we’ll offer extra tools and incentives to help them on their financial journey.

Employee Benefits

  • Free financial coaching and education you can schedule right where you work
  • Exclusive on demand education modules from BALANCE that will allow you to budget, build savings, cut spending and more
  • $50 for referring a friend to credit union membership
  • Discounted auto, home and life insurance
  • Discounts on products like TurboTax and SimpliSafe
  • Special accounts to make savings a breeze

Employer Benefits

Our Financial Wellness program is a free program of financial education and benefits that teaches your employees to make good financial decision.

HR professionals think that personal financial issues have considerable impact on employee performance:

  • 47% said it harmed the ability to focus on work
  • 26% said it hurt overall productivity
  • 24% said it increased absenteeism
  • 20% said it harmed employee morale
  • 46% said it harmed increased overall stress
  • 12% said it decreased overall health

Employees agreed:

  • 24% say personal finances have been a distraction at work
  • 39% say they spend more than 3 hours a week thinking about or dealing with financial issues at work
  • 48% feel stress when dealing with finances
  • 20% use credit cards for monthly necessities they can’t otherwise afford

At Community Resource we believe that all people should be financially successful. The way to get there is through wellness programs like Community Partners that brings information and engaging programs to your employees.

Help your employees deal with stress & they will help with productivity!