Community Resource Federal Credit Union
Community Resource Federal Credit Union

Teen Savings (13-17)

Put teens on the path to financial independence

Help ensure your teens are moving in the right direction financially by opening a Community Resource FCU teen savings account. It’s a great way for young adults to acquire money management basics, such as balancing bank accounts, growing their savings, and handling a debit and credit card. Give your teen or tween a place to watch their money grow.

  • Free Online Banking and BillPay
  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Direct Deposit available (Up to 2 days early!)
  • Remote Control Debit card
  • Access to over 100 local fee free ATMs
  • Access to over 30 local Shared Branch locations

Open a savings account

Note: please bring the teens social security number, school ID or other form of identification 

The Path to Financial Independence

Today’s teens and young adults need to be financially savvy. CRFCU Teen Banking is here to help teens, ages 13 – 17, to learn about money management and financial planning. Many teens have part-time jobs and are beginning to understand the value of money.

This is a good time to learn how to manage a savings account, checking account, or debit card and to plan ahead for major expenses, such as a first car loan or college education.

Teens who learn how important it is to be responsible with their money today are more likely to make good financial decisions tomorrow.