Volunteer Opportunities at CRFCU

Volunteers are the backbone of Community Resource. The Credit Union is always looking for people with the skills and interest in serving various capacities as volunteers. To volunteer for any of these positions, please complete and submit the Volunteer Interest Form below. You will then be contacted to learn more about the available opportunities. The Board of Directors appoints individuals to all of these positions.

Supervisory Committee

The committee is the watchdog of the Credit Union. It is a required Committee that is responsible for making sure that members’ funds and interests are protected. The Committee engages a CPA firm to conduct an annual audit to ensure that the Credit Union’s financial records and operations are in order.

Asset/Liability Management (ALM) Committee 

This Committee works with Credit Union Management to review and monitor the financial health of the Credit Union. It monitors, reviews and evaluates investment activity, earnings and net worth, potential risks and threats, and asset/liability strategies. The Committee also reviews rates on savings and loan products and makes recommendations to the Board.

Human Resource Committee

This Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending benefits designed to attract and retain highly qualified Credit Union employees. It conducts an annual review of employee benefits and recommends salary ranges, incentives/bonuses and annual employee goals.

Associate Director 

Having successors for the Board of Directors is critical to the future and continues success of the Credit Union. This position helps to ensure that talented and committed individuals are available to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors. It is an opportunity to lean more about the governing of the Credit Union, gain in-depth knowledge of the Credit Union industry, and be trained to accept the responsibility of an elected position as a voting member of the Board of Directors. Attendance at monthly Board meetings and other training would be required.

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