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It’s never too early to teach good financial habits


A Community Resource FCU Kids Savings Account is a perfect way for younger children to learn how saving will help them meet their goals.


The perks of a CRFCU Kids Savings Account

The CRFCU Kids Savings Account is open to children ages 12 years and younger. Your child will be eligible for free membership, free educational workshops, and special events throughout the year. Plus, if they receive all A’s (or Excellent) on their report card, we’ll deposit up to $40 into their account. Click here for information on our “Good Grades” Reward.

Power of compound interest

Teach your child about the power of compound interest. Once your child has $100 or more in a Kids Savings Account, it pays interest — to the tune of .10% Annual Percentage Yield.

Make saving a habit

Easily set up supplemental accounts for your child’s goals – whether they’re saving for a bike or looking ahead to save for college. When your child reaches a savings goal of $100, we’ll reward them with a gift card of their choice! Click here to see how you can claim a gift card.

Money from birthdays, First Communion, gifts from grandparents?  With a lower opening deposit and the ability to add to it, the youth certificate is a great way to teach kids about long-term financial goals. Open a Youth Certificate for as little as $100.