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It’s never too early to teach good financial habits


Opening a children’s saving account is one of most important things a parent can do – and opening a children’s saving account with the credit union can not only contribute to a child’s future, but teaches them important planning, budgeting and money management skills – giving them vital building blocks needed throughout their lives.  

Each year in April, we celebrate Credit Union National Youth Month to raise awareness around the importance of children saving.

A Community Resource FCU Kids Savings Account is a perfect way for younger children to learn how saving will help them meet their goals.


The perks of a CRFCU Kids Savings Account

The CRFCU Kids Savings Account is open to children ages 12 years and younger. Your child will be eligible for free membership, free educational workshops, and special events throughout the year. Plus, if they receive good grades on their report card, we’ll deposit up to $10 into their account for each report card submitted. Click here for information on our “Good Grades” Reward.

Power of compound interest

Teaching kids the miracle of compound interest is potentially one of the most valuable lessons you can teach them. Why not use a youth savings account to teach them something beneficial so that your kids bring this habit all the way to adulthood? Help them select an account that earns dividends, like a high-interest savings or checking account.

Money from birthdays, First Communion, gifts from grandparents?  With a lower opening deposit and the ability to add to it, the youth certificate is a great way to teach kids about long-term financial goals. Open a Youth Certificate for as little as $100.