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8 Reasons to Shop Locally 


Here at Community Resource FCU,  we strongly believe in supporting the community and helping local businesses flourish. Join us in our important goal by shopping local during Small Business Month and throughout the year.

Our local small businesses are part of our community’s landscape. 

Here are eight reasons to shop locally:

1. Help create jobs in your community

The money you spend at local retailers goes back into your community. When you support these small businesses, you enable them to grow and hire more workers, thus creating more jobs and helping the local economy thrive.

2. Keep your tax dollars in the community

Why pay to support public services in a town across the country? Let your tax dollars serve your own community by shopping local small businesses.

When you spend your money at local retailers, approximately $68 of every $100 spent will be reinvested in your community. That money will go toward better schools, libraries, and parks — in your own neighborhood.

3. Support the American Dream

Keep the spirit of America alive by supporting the American Dream: Anyone can start a business and work to keep it thriving. When you shop local, you’re showing support for the entrepreneurs in your community, those folks who were brave enough to strike out on their own.

4. Small businesses give back to the community

According to Community Business Finance, 92% of small business owners personally donate to charities and nonprofit organizations. Whether it’s a contracting company that sponsors a little league team or a café that hosts an open mic night to raise money for the local soup kitchen, small businesses play a large part in supporting community causes and charities.

When you shop local, you’re enabling small businesses to continue supporting community charities.

5. Celebrate your community

This Small Business Month, celebrate your community! Spend a delightful afternoon browsing the local shops and talking with customers and small business owners. Ask about their family members, chat about the weather and revisit all your favorite local hotspots. You’ll reconnect with your community, support its businesses and rediscover what makes it thrive.

6. Find unique gifts

Skip the overrated, mass-produced items at huge chain stores, and find gifts at local stores. You’ll be rewarded with an array of truly unique and durable items that will make the perfect gifts for your family and friends.

7. Help keep your community interesting

Imagine your community with no small businesses, only franchise stores from major retailers and restaurants. How boring would that be? Sure, we need those mainstream retailers and everyone likes a fast-food chain they know well, but it’s the small businesses that keep the community vibrant and colorful. They’re the ones running quirky marketing campaigns and hosting online contests that have the entire town buzzing. Shop local to help keep those mom-and-pop shops thriving.

8. Explore new retailers and restaurants

What better way to try out the latest hangouts in town than by spending the day shopping local small businesses? Give that new pizza place a try, sample the lattes at the small coffee joint that just opened its doors, and browse through the merchandise at the quaint jewelry store you’ve been wanting to check out since its grand opening.

During Small Business Month, and throughout the year, give back to the community you love by shopping local. You’ll be glad you did!

Do you own a small business? We want to help keep your company thriving! Give us a call at 518-783-2211 or stop by either of our convenient branches today to ask about our business services and other products that can help your business grow.


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