The Money Rules Scholarship is a $1,000, one-time award to the Money Rules member who is a college-bound high school senior and who demonstrates the greatest financial need in any given year.


You must be a member of the Money Rules Program and a high school senior. You may be accepted into any two or four-year college or university or an approved proprietary school. Proprietary schools must meet our default rate requirement. Recipients will be asked to supply proof of enrollment in a college or university. The scholarship check will be issued in both the student’s and school’s name. This scholarship program is need-based. We judge your financial need by looking at your Federal Student Aid Report (SAR). You will receive an SAR four to six weeks after you’ve sent in your federal financial aid form.

Application Deadline

You must submit your application by April 15, 2017. You will be telephoned if you’re a winner.

2017 Scholarship Application