Residential Investment Property


Looking to purchase a 1- 4 family Residential Investment Property?

Community Resource offers in house refinancing with or without cash out of an existing loan against your investment property or an equity loan to renovate or improve the property.


Products Offered In House                                                          

  • Refinance loans
  • Equity loans
  • Cash out refinance loans


Property and Available in House Financing Loans Specifications:

  • Installment Loans up to 15 years
  • Fixed Rates
  • Maximum Loan to Value up to 70%
  • 1 to 4 Units Residential Property Type
  • Servicing stays in house (we do not sell our loans)
  • 1st Lien position only
  • Borrower Pays all closing costs
  • No Annual Fees
  • No prepayment penalties


Apply for a Home Equity Loan.

For further information call  (518) 783-2211,  1-888-783-2211 or email [email protected]


Loan may be tax deductible, please contact a tax advisor for details.