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Save Let’s face it. Saving money is never easy. One reason may be that when we think of saving money, we tend to cut out the things we love the most. This is like trying to diet during the holidays. You decide to start a diet of just side salads and plain water and a few days into it, you find yourself diving headfirst into a chocolate cake. For example, we always hear that you should cut out purchasing your $5 cup of specialty coffee every day if you want to save money. While that may be true, you are not going there just for the coffee, you are going there for the smell, the social interaction, and the feeling you get when you walk into the shop. Of course, not doing this every day will save you money, but that suggestion will not be on this list.

Here are some realistic ways to cut down on your spending and save money, without setting yourself up for a life of misery.

Save Money In the Home:

  • Cut out cable and switch to streaming. Or, tell your cable provider that you are considering cutting your service and see if they quickly offer you a promotional deal.
  • Consider cutting down on your wifi package. Use a mobile hotspot instead.
  • Maintain all your appliances in the house and your car. It is cheaper to take care of them than it is to replace them.
  • Learn how to DIY. Paint your own walls, put together your own furniture, and watch informational videos on how to fix small problems around the house.

Save Money on Credit Cards:

  • Pay off your credit card each month. If you can’t pay them all off start by paying down the one with the highest interest.
  • Call your credit card company and ask them to lower your rates. Tell them you are considering a balance transfer to a low-interest card. Many companies will want to try to keep you.

Save Money on Food:

  • Plan your meals for the week and only shop for the items you need. Do not stroll through the grocery store looking. You will end up buying more than you need.
  • Plan the times you are going to eat out and set a budget for how much you will spend. This way it is not an impulse buy.
  • Make more food than you need for your meals. Save and freeze the leftovers.
  • If you are traveling, take snacks, drinks, and food with you in the car. Stopping at any restaurant or fast food establishment is always more money.

Save Money While Shopping:

  • Buy generic when you can. Really, the only difference between the name brand and the generic is the name.
  • Sell your purses, clothes, and other items you no longer need.
  • Stop buying items just because they are on sale. If you weren’t planning on buying it when you walked into the store in the first place, then you didn’t save any money.
  • When you want to purchase something that isn’t on your list, wait one week before you do. This helps you prevent impulse buys.
  • Consignment shop where you can. You can find some high-quality items in those stores.

Save Money on Entertainment:

  • Find free events in the area to attend.
  • Cancel your gym membership. Buy some weights and find a free workout video online.
  • Ask a friend to take pictures of your family for holiday cards. No need to get an expensive photographer every year.

Save Money for your Family:

  • For holidays and birthdays, instead of asking for gifts, ask for zoo memberships or passes to the aquarium or deposits into your child’s 529 account.
  • Accept hand-me-downs from friends and family.
  • Don’t buy the new, hottest book. Go to the library instead. In fact, go all the time. It’s a great place for a free playdate, workspace, and entertainment.
  • Make a deal with your friend to watch each other’s kids on different days of the week and save money on childcare.

Hopefully, this list has given you a few realistic ways to help you save money without setting yourself up for a life of misery. If you need a place to put all your newfound savings, click HERE to learn about Community Resource Federal Credit Union’s savings accounts.





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