Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay

Protecting your account has never been so easy.

Ever had an oops moment in your checking account? Checking accounts are active places—checks, debit card charges, automatic payments and ATM withdrawals are all fighting for the dollars in your account. Sometimes a charge can sneak through, send your balance negative and cause an overdraft.

Members can avoid overdraft fees from Community Resource FCU, and bounced check fees from merchants, by using overdraft protection** methods:


Keep extra money in your savings account and we will transfer funds from your savings to cover charges that would bring your checking account negative if needed.



This line of credit loan is linked to your checking account and will automatically transfer money to your checking to cover charges that would bring your account negative. To choose this option, complete a loan application and meet credit criteria. Get more info.

Fee: There is no fee. The Overdraft Line will transfer money into your account in $50 increments.


Qualified members can withdraw more than the account balance, up to a pre-approved limit, for a short period of time to cover unexpected emergencies. Community Resource FCU will pay the merchant for the following transactions that would bring your account negative:

  • Checks you’ve written
  • Pre-authorized withdrawals using your checking account information
  • Debit card transactions


Note: There will be a $30 fee per item

For protection on your account, simply opt-in by doing one of the following:

  • Call (518) 783-2211 and we will process your request over the phone
  • Visit your local Branch