The CRFCU Military/LEO/FF/EMS Discount will only apply to the following groups. Individuals must provide verified and valid identification that they are an authorized member of one of these organizations.

US Military Personnel: RETIRED, ACTIVE, RESERVE AND GUARD are eligible for this discount. Individuals in the State Guard may also be eligible for this discount based on the MOS or Occupational Specialty. Individuals must present a valid form of identification DD214, CAC Card or State Issued Driver License with Veteran designation.

Law Enforcement Officers: The designation of Law Enforcement Officer is an individual who can enforce local, state or federal laws. Therefore, the following individuals would qualify TOWN, CITY or VILLAGE Police Officers, NY State Troopers, NYS Sheriffs. And FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT Officers (excluding TSA Agents).

Firefighters: Professional TOWN, CITY or VILLAGE Firefighters and Volunteer firefighters that are not in a probationary status can obtain the discount. NYS Fire Investigators with State ID and Wildland Firefighters with a valid US Bureau of Land Management Red Card may also qualify.

Emergency Medical Personnel: There are only two qualifying categories in this area. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with a verifiable credential that is valid and New York State Certified First Responder with a valid ID.

If a category is not listed the discount does not apply to their profession. Make sure you tell your financial service representative if you meet the criteria. CRFCU offers a rate discount on qualifying products and services to members of these professions as a recognition of their service to the community. In certain instances, members may qualify for both law enforcement, firefighter, first response or military discounts. In such cases, the higher rate discount or benefit will be applied. Two discounts can’t be taken on one account.

*The above discount is not applicable on variable rate products – such as Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) with adjustable rates. The automatic payments discount is not applicable on Share/Certificate secured Loan products if the above discount is applied.