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Access your money when you need it.

A Community Resource Federal Credit Union Visa Debit Card gives you unparalleled convenience, immediate acceptance at merchants worldwide, and the security of knowing that Visa is backing up your purchases. Your Visa Debit Card is also extremely versatile; it can be used at over 85,000 ATMs nationwide. 

When you sign up for a Community Resource checking account, you’ll receive a CRFCU Visa debit card. Use it wherever Visa is accepted, or to access your checking account quickly and easily.

  • Faster and easier than writing a check
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Shop in stores, online or by phone
  • Safeguarded by Visa’s protection programs including zero liability and continuous fraud monitoring,
  • Chip-enabled EMV cards

Instant Issue Debit Cards

Whether you are opening a new account or need a replacement card, take advantage of our Instant Issue debit cards. Instant Issue cards can be printed in just minutes at our branches, so you can leave with your card the same day.

Access a network of over 85,000 surcharge-free ATMs in our networks.

Enjoy unlimited, free transactions at over 85,000 ATMs. Need to use an out-of-network ATM?  With a Community Free Checking Account you can receive up to 4 free foreign transactions.

We believe in security!

Your debit card is protected with chip-enabled technology. Plus, when you select “credit” instead of “debit” at the register, your transaction will be protected by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.


Easily manage your debit card with Card Control.

Can’t find your debit card? No problem. With Card Control you can instantly disable it until you’ve found it. Plus, you can get real-time alerts whenever your card has been used, set spending limits by merchant, and create threshold limits by location.

Remote Control Visa® Debit Card is a quick, safe and convenient way to turn your Visa Debit Card on and off and protect it from unauthorized use. Simply log in to the  CRFCU Mobile app from your mobile device and select Remote Control Cards from the menu. Select any of your active Visa Debit Cards and choose from the options – Disabled or Active. Turn this feature on and off as you travel or if you temporarily misplace your card.


Thanks to mobile payments, you can leave your wallet at home.

Make secure purchases in-store, in-apps, and online with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay.


Debit Card Alerts

Sign up to receive free* text or email alerts to help you keep track of the activity on your Community Resource debit card. You customize the alerts based on your preferences, so you’re only receiving the ones that are most important to you. Get started today!


To activate your card call 518.783.2211 or 1.800.567.3451.



Lost Card: 

During business hours 518-783-2211. After hours call 1-800-554-8969. 

Lost Personal Identification Number (PIN): 


Fraud Department Return Call Phone Number: 

If we suspect your card has been fraudulently used, we will call you, The number we will call from is 866-750-9107. 


If you are traveling, please call us at 518-783-2211 so we may document your account.