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Your job is tough, but with Community Resource your banking doesn’t have to be.

  You serve us, so let us serve you. The vital role that you play in our community is very much appreciated and respected. That’s why it’s our pleasure to salute our Community Heroes, by offering  special rates to those who selflessly work to enrich the lives of their families and neighbors.

                                                                     Additional discount on Consumer and Personal loans 

                                                                                     Additional bonus on Share Certificates 


You run into burning buildings with no regard to your personal safety. We appreciate your heroics. Qualifications: Professional TOWN, CITY or VILLAGE Firefighters and Volunteer firefighters that are not in a probationary status can obtain the discount. NYS Fire Investigators with State ID and Wildland Firefighters with a valid US Bureau of Land Management Red Card may also qualify.  




First Responders are on the front lines working to save lives and protect our community. We want to extend our sincere appreciation. Qualifications: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with a verifiable credential that is valid and New York State Certified First Responder with a valid ID.





Thank you for your protection, courage and sacrifice. We appreciate all the times you left your family and the risk you take to protect us. Qualifications:  The designation of Law Enforcement Officer is an individual who can enforce local, state or federal laws.





The Veterans of our military services have put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms we enjoy. We honor you! Qualifications: RETIRED, ACTIVE, RESERVE AND GUARD are eligible for this discount.


Every Day, thousands of First Responders put their life on the line to help people throughout the Capital Region. If you know a First Responder that deserves to be honored, complete the form below and submit their name. Each month, PYX 106 will select one person to be honored as the Community Resource/PYX 106 First Responder of the Month!

Our Monthly First Responder will be featured on WPYX  Quinn & Cantara in the Morning!

Nominate a Community Hero today!



Congratulations Brad Maloney of the Speigeltown Volunteer Fire Department, for being named the Community Resource/PYX106 February 2021 First Responder of the Month!

Read Brad’s nomination: My dad is one of the most dedicated first responders I know. He’s been a volunteer fireman since he was in high school and has stayed that course to now being the assistant chief of the fire department he volunteers at and an EMT. My dad is always going to calls no matter the day or time, facilitating trainings for both fireman and EMTs, and never complains for a second about any of it.


Congratulations Ed O’Brien, Paramedic Supervisor of the Clifton Park Halfmoon EMS, for being named the Community Resource/PYX106 January 2021 First Responder of the Month!

Read Ed’s nomination: Ed has 30+ years in EMS. Ed has been an instrumental instructor, mentor and friend to thousands of medical providers and paramedics over his career. Ed uses humor and laughs to help brighten his patients days, Ed always has a joke or funny story at the ready. He owns a company that trains thousands of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).  He has listened, given advise and council to hundreds of medics in need. Ed is that consummate profession we all try to be.


Congratulations Sergeant Robert Danko of the Cambridge – Greenwich Police Department, for being named the Community Resource/PYX106 December 2020 First Responder of the Month!

Read Sargent Danko’s nomination: As a small rural school, this police sergeant always makes certain that our students and faculty are safe and will always be the first to respond when called. From Lock Down drills, to school crossing guard to enforcement issues that come up, he is always there with a smile and a presence that not only helps our building feel protected, but the community is confident that the village and their children are safe. – Caroline Goss, Cambridge Central School


Congratulations Steven Gordon, Director of Emergency Communications at the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office, for being named the Community Resource/PYX106  November 2020 First Responder of the Month!   

Congratulations Cristal Marerro, an Albany EMT, for being named the Community Resource/PYX106 August 2020 First Responder of the Month. 

Reason nominated: Cristal is a kind, compassionate and humble EMS provider. She has been an EMT for over 2 years now, is about to graduate paramedic school and, despite working full time, is a straight A student. Cristal puts the same attention and dedication into her school as her work. Cristal works tirelessly and does not waver in her compassion and consistently provides the best care available, despite adverse conditions in the City of Albany. Cristal would never tell you that she is an excellent EMT and medical provider and that is part of what makes her stand out in her care.

Congratulations Jay Choon, local firefighter, for being named the Community Resource/PYX106  November 2020 First Responder of the Month!   

Reason Nominated: Jay has been a firefighter for 40 years. He’s been responding to emergency calls since day 1 of covid 19 crisis & putting his life on the line for his community.