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Our educational webinars are free and help encourage financial wellness allowing people to achieve their financial goals.

Throughout the year, we partner with local organizations to present financial education seminars to help members achieve their financial goals and dreams. Our free financial seminars give you the tools you need to make smart financial decisions. Financial education is part of our mission as a Credit Union to help our members be financially successful.

We host seminars in our branches, at workplace locations of our People Helping People business partners, and in partnership with community organizations. Our branch seminars are open to the public, and refreshments are served. Along with our great products and services, our financial seminars reflect our commitment to connect with you, and each of our members, as a trusted resource for your financial needs.

Until we can host these webinars in person, we’d like to offer you our new online webinars, Coffee and Cash,  provided by our friends at Simmons Capital Group. These short videos will come packed with lots of great information. Click here to access the available videos. 

Topics include: 


Want to go deeper on a subject? Watch one of our hour long webinars listed below. All webinars are free to the public.  

6/14 What Qualifies You for Long Term Care

Click here to watch

6/23 Retirement Planning Myths

Click here to watch.

7/7 Maximize Your Social Security

Click here to watch 

7/21 Money Moves Every Young Person Should Make

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Upcoming Webinars:

 How to Save for College

Saving for college can be really intimidating. How much should you put away for college? What type of accounts should you use and will saving for college negatively impact your child’s ability to get financial aid? In this educational session we will be discussing what a 529 plan is, how best to use it to save for your child’s education, and other helpful college financial planning tips.

Medicare 101

Whether you are approaching your initial enrollment for Medicare or you are considering changing plans during open enrollment, this session will help educate you to the basics of Medicare, the options available, deadlines and potential penalties when deadlines are missed. We will discuss the basics including general premiums costs, considerations when selecting a carrier, and the supplemental programs available.

Socially Conscious Investing

Love hearing about the wind farms being built or about the newest electric car to hit the market? Seems really intimidating to get involved in such huge scale projects… but maybe not.

Worried that the companies you’re investing in, or want to invest in, might using child labor or aren’t as eco-friendly as you thought? How do you find companies that align with your values?

Learn how to put your money where your mind is with this workshop on Socially Conscious Investing with Darren Leader from Simmons Capital Group. Investing consciously should not only be for the lucky few. Plus, you should be really proud of what you’re investing in. Isn’t it time that we started to care how profits are made, and not just how much profit is made?

This free workshop to give you an overview of what Socially Responsible Investing is, the pros and cons and the practical ways in which you can better align your investments with your values.

Boom & Bust

What happens if my company can’t pay my pension? Your pension is crucial to your retirement security. But what happens to your pension benefit if your company goes bankrupt? What does it mean for you if your company has a large shortfall in pension funding? Will you still get your pension? Will it be reduced?

Join us in this free online workshop to learn about the protections that exist for your pension benefit and how your pension should fit into your ‘big picture’ financial plan.


If you would like further financial information please visit Balance Financial Fitness or It’s A Money Thing.