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 April is Credit Union Youth Month! 


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Celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month this April to help promote lifelong healthy money habits. The theme for this year’s Youth Month is ““Be a credit union saver and your savings will never go extinct.”  We are encouraging our youngest members to learn common financial concepts kids should understand.



Youth Member Contests 


Youth Member Coloring Contest – Divided into two age categories (ages 0 – 5, ages 6 – 12 ),  youth members can download the Youth Month Coloring Page.  Color the page and ask your PARENT to take a photo with their phone and email to before 4-30-2021 for a chance to win a hatching dinosaur egg. Four winners in each age category will be randomly chosen.

Teen Challenge – Teen members ages 13 – 18 can attend our free webinar: Building Your First Budget on April 13 at 1:30 pm or 22 at 8:30 pm and you will be entered to win a dinosaur cellphone stand and $50 VISA gift card. Register here: 

Youth Member Savings Challenge – Make a deposit of $100 or more and you will be rewarded with a $10 gift card to Walmart, Target or Amazon.

National Youth Challenge – The Credit Union National Administration will randomly select a credit union youth member to receive a $100 prize. No deposit minimum is required – just make a deposit! Click here for rules.


FREE Financial Education Webinars


College Planning Webinar – Join us April 8th at 6pm for this free, educational event to learn more about the types of financial aid available, how to apply and what to expect during the process! Register here:

Building Your First Budget – The webinar is designed for a teen audience. A smart budget helps you cover your expenses and still buy some things you want. Find out how to make and maintain a budget based on your needs. 

Tuesday, April 13   1:30 – 2:30 pm  or Thursday, April 2     8:30 – 9:30 pm                Sign up here: 


Who said financial education has to be all serious and boring? We are inviting young adults to join our main character Jen on her journey to understand everything there is to know about money.



Learn how the 7 co-operative principles will shape your credit union experience! 



The very first financial decision you’ll ever make is also one of the most important choices—it’s where to keep your money




Credit scores are an area of personal finance that seem a lot more mysterious than they actually are. Many people believe that improving them is a matter of trial and error and, as a result, there’s a lot of “credit score advice” floating around that can end up doing more harm than good.


Even though compound interest is easy to understand—compound interest = more money for you!



Fully understanding each payment type allows you to make smarter decisions, and take advantage of the benefits of each
payment type while avoiding any drawbacks.



Not sure where to start? The five tips below will help you shop smarter for the loan that’s right for you.



Whether or not checks are on their way out, there are still a couple of check-related best practices that you need to be aware of in order to stay on top of your finances.



If you’re looking for some nerve-calming, confidence-boosting thoughts, consider the following approaches to your job interview.



Owning a home is likely the largest financial commitment you’ll make in your life, and it’s easy to get caught up in details pertaining to debt-to-income ratios, the real estate market, current interest rates and amortization schedules. But financials are only a part of the picture. In order to make a truly smart decision, you need to acknowledge and accommodate some personal factors along with the financial ones.



Fun Activities to learn about money!

Using Money Wisely worksheet

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